Online Yoga Classes

9 Hr Introduction to
Hatha Yoga

Don’t waste the opportunity to learn in this in-depth 3-day Hatha Yoga online course. Each day, you will experience a 90-minute movement class, followed by a refreshing tea break. Afterward, you will have the chance to engage in an hour-long discussion with Our Lead Instructor & Founder Shree Manoj Ji, where you can ask questions and gain insights.

Day 1 – We will focus on Pranayama. Pranayama is the ancient practice of controlled breathing techniques that enhance and regulate the flow of life force energy within the body. The practice involves conscious manipulation of the breath to optimise physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The 3 hours will begin with a 90-minute class dedicated to this vital breathing technique. After this class, you will have a 30-minute tea break, before participating in a stimulating 60-minute discussion about the practice of Pranayama. 
Day 2 – We will delve into Asana—the physical postures of Hatha Yoga. Asana involves mindful movement and holding of poses, which not only improve physical health but also cultivate mental focus, relaxation, and a deeper connection to oneself. Engage in a 90-minute Asana class to experience the effects they have not only on your body but also on the energetic and mental levels. After this class, you will have a 30-minute tea break, before joining a thought-provoking 60-minute discussion on the philosophy of Hatha Yoga and the purpose of Asana.

Day 3 – Introduction to the Anatomy of Yoga. By understanding the intricacies of our bodies, we can deeper understand the mechanisms of yoga and the profound effect it has on our body system. We can also be aware of how to protect our bodies from yoga related injuries. This day will be dedicated to the importance of understanding anatomy as a foundation for yoga practice. We will begin again, with a 90 minute movement class, followed by a 30 minute tea break. In the subsequent 60 minutes we will explore the human body system in relation to yoga.